SIMPLE BUCKWHEAT PANCAKES (gluten, sugar, dairy free)

Here’s a delicious, nutritious pancake recipe you can use this Pancake Tuesday! I’ve listed some savoury and sweet filling ideas below. Remember that choosing a sugar-free breakfast is crucial in keeping insulin levels balanced and keeping you fuller for longer. It also helps you better tune in to what your body truly needs – sugar oftenContinue reading “SIMPLE BUCKWHEAT PANCAKES (gluten, sugar, dairy free)”

SIMPLE FRUIT CRUMBLE (gluten, grain & sugar free, paleo, vegan)

This dish is my current obsession: fresh, flavorful, gooey stewed fruit, topped with a crunchy crumble topping. It’s the perfect light dessert for the summer or cosy winter pudding drenched with organic cream. It also doubles as a delicious and healthy breakfast alternative for cereal addicts, as it is far superior in bio-available nutrients, fatsContinue reading “SIMPLE FRUIT CRUMBLE (gluten, grain & sugar free, paleo, vegan)”

PLUM CREAM (dairy, sugar, grain & gluten free, paleo, vegan)

I’m always trying to find healthier options for desserts as a way to help with sugar addictions and sweet dependencies among us all! So I’ve come up with the below recipe which I think is a great alternative to the normal sugar laden ice-cream or yoghurt. Of course you can play around with different fruitsContinue reading “PLUM CREAM (dairy, sugar, grain & gluten free, paleo, vegan)”

Recipe: VEGETABLE FRITTATA (grain & gluten free, paleo)

This is one of my staple meals and is super versatile – great for dinner, and equally good as leftovers for breakfast or lunch. Despite being quick and easy, it is a nutritious, filling and fully balanced meal. Packed with nutrient dense, antioxidant vegetables, connective-tissue-strengthening protein and brain feeding fats (eggs and coconut oil), this dish willContinue reading “Recipe: VEGETABLE FRITTATA (grain & gluten free, paleo)”

ROAST SALMON & VEG (grain, gluten & dairy free, paleo)

This is one of my weekly go-to meals because it is so delicious, simple and quick. It is low in starches and carbs (sugars), so is great if you’re wanting to cleanse and energise your system without starving yourself or turning to short-lived things like juice fasts (which only serve to slow your metabolism and upset yourContinue reading “ROAST SALMON & VEG (grain, gluten & dairy free, paleo)”

DRESS AND FLAVOUR UP YOUR GREENS (gluten, grain & dairy free)

I am a massive advocate of making your diet primarily plant-based – by which I mean loads of vegetables not loads of grains. Often times, eating good quality animal products and fats are necessary as a way to help heal and rebuild your system, but once healed a diet heavy on veges is hugely health enhancing.Continue reading “DRESS AND FLAVOUR UP YOUR GREENS (gluten, grain & dairy free)”


I wrote about the benefits of consuming bone broth here two years ago now. Fortunately since that post, bone broth has received much warranted attention through recipes and information shared by the likes of the Hemsley + Hemsley sisters and nutritional therapist Ameila Freer. Bone broth continues to be my number one go-to immune booster and healing potion. I recommend all adults and children comfortable with eatingContinue reading “BONE BROTH: A REMINDER TO CONSUME!”

COURGETTE & ROSEMARY LOAF (grain & gluten free, paleo)

It has been almost five years since I’ve had a delicious piece of toast! It’s not easy to come across a good loaf of grain-free bread, but when toasted, this one is the best I’ve tasted so far. Packed full of healthy fats, digestible fibre and plenty of protein this loaf is best enjoyed sliced, toasted under the grill, and slatheredContinue reading “COURGETTE & ROSEMARY LOAF (grain & gluten free, paleo)”

SWEET POTATO & COCONUT PORRIDGE (gluten, grain, sugar & dairy free, paleo, vegan)

For those of you struggling for breakfast (or pudding!) ideas due to a restricted diet, or for those of you wanting to get some nourishing anti-inflammatory meals into you or your children’s diet, give this a try. With a  healthy mix of naturally occurring fats, sugars, carbs and protein, this meal is satiating, energy-boosting, comforting andContinue reading “SWEET POTATO & COCONUT PORRIDGE (gluten, grain, sugar & dairy free, paleo, vegan)”