Recipe: VEGETABLE FRITTATA (grain & gluten free, paleo)

This is one of my staple meals and is super versatile – great for dinner, and equally good as leftovers for breakfast or lunch. Despite being quick and easy, it is a nutritious, filling and fully balanced meal. Packed with nutrient dense, antioxidant vegetables, connective-tissue-strengthening protein and brain feeding fats (eggs and coconut oil), this dish willContinue reading “Recipe: VEGETABLE FRITTATA (grain & gluten free, paleo)”

ROAST SALMON & VEG (grain, gluten & dairy free, paleo)

This is one of my weekly go-to meals because it is so delicious, simple and quick. It is low in starches and carbs (sugars), so is great if you’re wanting to cleanse and energise your system without starving yourself or turning to short-lived things like juice fasts (which only serve to slow your metabolism and upset yourContinue reading “ROAST SALMON & VEG (grain, gluten & dairy free, paleo)”


I wrote about the benefits of consuming bone broth here two years ago now. Fortunately since that post, bone broth has received much warranted attention through recipes and information shared by the likes of the Hemsley + Hemsley sisters and nutritional therapist Ameila Freer. Bone broth continues to be my number one go-to immune booster and healing potion. I recommend all adults and children comfortable with eatingContinue reading “BONE BROTH: A REMINDER TO CONSUME!”

BEEF SIRLOIN & SWEET POTATO SALSA (paleo, gluten, grain, dairy free)

  This is another easy and beautifully nutritious meal that is ideal for seasonal change. Great to cook a bit extra to have for lunch the following day too! If you are coming into Spring and feel like a cleanse then I would suggest omitting the steak or making this an early evening meal soContinue reading “BEEF SIRLOIN & SWEET POTATO SALSA (paleo, gluten, grain, dairy free)”

Recipe: SEASONS CHANGING SALAD! (gluten, grain, dairy & sugar free, vegetarian)

It’s a transitional time for us all at the moment – whether shifting into Spring or Autumn/Fall, this half-cooked / half-raw salad should help ease into whatever the weather is bringing for you next. What I love about this salad is the combination of protein, fats and fresh greens. During seasonal changes some people canContinue reading “Recipe: SEASONS CHANGING SALAD! (gluten, grain, dairy & sugar free, vegetarian)”

Recipe: ROOT VEGETABLE SALAD (vegan, paleo, gluten & dairy free)

Yet another super quick and easy but truly nourishing recipe! Enjoy for breakfast, lunch or dinner, this salad won’t leave you hungry with its satisfying amount of grated raw root vegetables and variety of good quality fats. And with the inclusion of apple cider vinegar all will be more easily digested and absorbed – ACVContinue reading “Recipe: ROOT VEGETABLE SALAD (vegan, paleo, gluten & dairy free)”

Recipe: DUCK EGGS & BACON WRAPPED ASPARAGUS (gluten & grain-free)

If you can tolerate eggs they really are a marvelous whole food that can be part of any meal of the day. Eggs are considered to be the most complete protein source in a single food – their amino acid complex is perfectly proportioned! They offer a fabulous source of carotene, vitamin A, vitamin B1,Continue reading “Recipe: DUCK EGGS & BACON WRAPPED ASPARAGUS (gluten & grain-free)”

Recipe: PIZZA BASE (gluten, grain & dairy free)

We can eat pizza and be nourished!!! A far cry from the heavily processed sugar laden white flour, gut fermenting quick yeast and artery clogging hydrogenated plant oils, this pizza base is made with 100% natural unadulterated ingredients. Packed full of essential nutrients, fats and proteins and it hasn’t even bet dressed yet! _________________________ IngredientsContinue reading “Recipe: PIZZA BASE (gluten, grain & dairy free)”

Recipe: PAN-FRIED LAMB CHOPS & VEGES (gluten, grain & dairy free)

Whether you’re enjoying the shift into Autumn or Spring this recipe will satisfy your tastebuds and bring a wealth of health benefits! I bought my autumn lamb from the lovely organic and sustainable Daylesford Farm. At Daylesford the animals roam freely and feed on organic rotated pastures. Wherever possible please do select certified organic meat, orContinue reading “Recipe: PAN-FRIED LAMB CHOPS & VEGES (gluten, grain & dairy free)”