Tasha is a qualified movement and wellness specialist residing in London. With a background in dance and Yoga, Tasha has long been aware of the physical, mental and emotional benefits of movement, nutrition and mindfulness. She believes bringing ‘awareness’ to these three avenues is key in helping to understand and heal ourselves.

In her Pilates training at Trinity LABAN Conservatoire of Music and Dance, and her on-going training in various modalities, Tasha has gained an even deeper understanding of the academic side of anatomy, physiology, nutrition and meditation, whilst also developing her instinctual and articulate teaching method.

With her experience, professional credentials and passion for numerous forms of alternative and natural therapies, Tasha has forged her own unique teaching style and technique – The Tasha/Be Method – that has proven overwhelmingly effective with clients from a range of different backgrounds. Central to Tasha’s success is her genuine care for the needs and well-being of each client – an invaluable quality that cannot be taught or learned.

Rather than simply reciting exercises and instructions during lessons, Tasha firmly believes in helping each client to understand the purpose of each movement, breathing technique, food choice, and so on; empowering them to trust and have control over their own body and not to become dependent on her. This dialogic method requires a strong commitment from the client, which ultimately produces better results. This ‘authentic’ process takes concentration, patience and commitment in order to make honest change. “The client needs to be present and take responsibility”, explains Tasha.

The Tasha/Be Method places importance on building strength and understanding (without tension and restriction), and allowing release (without instability or insecurity). The Tasha/Be physical training takes the body through all ranges of movement, aiming to build strength and stability. And the release work aims to decrease tension and stress so old physical and emotional patterns can dissolve. This method thus facilitates the reprogramming of physical and emotional patterns, and neural responses.

Tasha’s versatility and experience has produced great results for a wide range of clients with varying ages, fitness levels and ailments – dancers, athletes, musicians, pre- and post-natal women, neurological conditions, all back pain related disorders, pre and post op – to name a few.

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