Central to my practice and ideology is a belief in holistic movement and living. Nature has made everything perfectly, including the human body: we all have an innate ability to heal and by learning to tune in and use our senses we can thrive. I promote that in order to develop this powerful awareness, attention on the way we move, think, nourish and breathe is vital.

Talking with my clients while I massage and stretch their bodies enables us to get clear about where they feel stuck physically and emotionally. This information then allows us to find clarity and direction. It also ensures there is a clear through line and attachment to everything we practise in our sessions.

It is of utmost importance that there is a clear mental intention that is then directed to, and felt in the physical body. Reprogramming new nourishing ways of thinking, moving and being requires the unification of the mind and the body to ensure we don’t operate out of habit.

My methodology places importance on building strength and understanding (without tension and restriction), and allowing release (without instability or insecurity). I teach a mixture of Pilates, Yoga, Somatics, Primal and developmental patterning, dance, mindfulness and meditation. My method facilitates the reprogramming of physical and emotional patterns.

I have witnessed how empowering it is for people to both understand and feel the major part they play in their own healing and evolution. I have an open dialogue during our sessions and always like to share the meaning behind each movement, breath, massage choice, etc and how that aligns with the individuals intentions and goals. This dialogic method requires a strong commitment from my clients, which ultimately produces richer benefits. This authentic process takes concentration, patience and commitment in order to make honest, lasting changes.

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