Central to Tasha’s practice and ideology is a belief in holistic movement and living. “Nature has made everything perfectly, including the human body: we all have an innate ability to heal and by learning to tune in and use our senses we are infinitely wiser of our own body than any doctor”. Tasha promotes that in order to develop this powerful awareness, attention on the way we eat, move and breathe is vital. She strongly believes in eating as close to nature as possible, a diet of fresh vegetables, meat, fish, natural fats, fruit, nuts and seeds is absolute to thinking, moving and being well. She also strongly advocates using health practitioners and healers to help guide us back to our innate wisdom. “Humans are supposed to thrive, to look fit and to feel well. A good movement practitioner, massage therapist, homeopath and so on will work ‘with’ the body and help the body realise its right direction”. When addressing movement, Tasha focuses on intrinsic and organic principles: gently relearning and reprogramming functional movement patterns affects positive physical change both structurally and visually. Ultimately, understanding how to move as nature intended and applying that knowledge to our daily modern activities helps optimise our physical, mental and emotional well-being.

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