SIMPLE BUCKWHEAT PANCAKES (gluten, sugar, dairy free)

Here’s a delicious, nutritious pancake recipe you can use this Pancake Tuesday! I’ve listed some savoury and sweet filling ideas below. Remember that choosing a sugar-free breakfast is crucial in keeping insulin levels balanced and keeping you fuller for longer. It also helps you better tune in to what your body truly needs – sugar oftenContinue reading “SIMPLE BUCKWHEAT PANCAKES (gluten, sugar, dairy free)”

SIMPLE FRUIT CRUMBLE (gluten, grain & sugar free, paleo, vegan)

This dish is my current obsession: fresh, flavorful, gooey stewed fruit, topped with a crunchy crumble topping. It’s the perfect light dessert for the summer or cosy winter pudding drenched with organic cream. It also doubles as a delicious and healthy breakfast alternative for cereal addicts, as it is far superior in bio-available nutrients, fatsContinue reading “SIMPLE FRUIT CRUMBLE (gluten, grain & sugar free, paleo, vegan)”

PLUM CREAM (dairy, sugar, grain & gluten free, paleo, vegan)

I’m always trying to find healthier options for desserts as a way to help with sugar addictions and sweet dependencies among us all! So I’ve come up with the below recipe which I think is a great alternative to the normal sugar laden ice-cream or yoghurt. Of course you can play around with different fruitsContinue reading “PLUM CREAM (dairy, sugar, grain & gluten free, paleo, vegan)”

SWEET POTATO & COCONUT PORRIDGE (gluten, grain, sugar & dairy free, paleo, vegan)

For those of you struggling for breakfast (or pudding!) ideas due to a restricted diet, or for those of you wanting to get some nourishing anti-inflammatory meals into you or your children’s diet, give this a try. With a  healthy mix of naturally occurring fats, sugars, carbs and protein, this meal is satiating, energy-boosting, comforting andContinue reading “SWEET POTATO & COCONUT PORRIDGE (gluten, grain, sugar & dairy free, paleo, vegan)”

APPLE & GINGER MUFFINS (paleo, gluten, grain & sugar free)

This recipe might be a little tart for those of you with a sweet tooth, but please give it a try. I think the sweetness from the apples is more than enough, and if you work on cutting down your sugar intake, I promise you will too with time! I understand sugar addiction intimately after eating copious amountsContinue reading “APPLE & GINGER MUFFINS (paleo, gluten, grain & sugar free)”

SEA SALT ALMOND & COCONUT FUDGE (gluten, grain & dairy free, vegan)

  Not only is this fudge so satisfying and easy to make, it’s also free from the usual nasty artery-clogging trans-fats and insulin driving refined sugars that lace ordinary fudge. It’s also a great energy booster as the sweetness of the honey is slow to hit your blood stream thanks to the uber healthy coconut oil.Continue reading “SEA SALT ALMOND & COCONUT FUDGE (gluten, grain & dairy free, vegan)”

CARROT, GINGER & ORANGE SLICE (gluten, grain & sugar free)

Hello all – I’ve been in New Zealand enjoying some family and vacation time, which is why things have been a little quiet on the blog-front in the last couple weeks. I hope everyone, whether in warm or wintry climes, has been well! Here’s a delicious recipe I made whilst at home that is perfectly sweetenedContinue reading “CARROT, GINGER & ORANGE SLICE (gluten, grain & sugar free)”

Recipe: SWEET POTATO SMOOTHIE (vegan, refined-sugar free)

I know I go on and on about the importance of reducing your sugar intake, but it really is my number one take-out-of-your-diet ingredient. Because sugar is so utterly addictive (and pervasive) it’s certainly not easy, but once you reduce your intake  you’ll feel so much better and really notice the difference. Expect less cravings, irritability and weight-gain,Continue reading “Recipe: SWEET POTATO SMOOTHIE (vegan, refined-sugar free)”

Recipe: HOT CROSS BUNS (gluten, grain & dairy free)

Tis the season: indulge in this delicious paleo-friendly recipe for hot cross buns this Easter. Free from gut-irritating gluten grains, artery hardening hydrogenated vegetable oils and the mind twisting sugar! These were a total hit with many readers last year so I’m re-posting! Enjoy!   Ingredients: 3 cups of ground almonds or 2 cups of ground almonds and 1/2Continue reading “Recipe: HOT CROSS BUNS (gluten, grain & dairy free)”