Below is a great video narrated by a child on exactly why we must not jam our kids feet into these ‘stylish’ but alarmingly harmful shoes. If you have children, please let their feet be free whenever you can, and in times when there are potential dangers on the ground then choose footwear that allows their little feet to move and feel their way around.

For us older lot, it is definitely not too late to free your feet. In order for us to find our nimble feet again we too must work towards wearing footwear with as little support as possible. For a lot of us this needs to be done slowly and mindfully as stiff, inarticulate feet that have become heavily dependent on overly supportive shoes cannot be cured in an instant. Adults need to tease their feet back into healthy movement patterns by releasing tension, increasing flexibility and creating authentic stability.

I have  written before about the importance of taking care of our feet – Remind yourself by reading it again here and don’t forget to add in the suggested exercises and massage techniques! Remember these main tips:

  • GO BAREFOOT AT HOME  – allow your foot to spread and explore its full range of movement. This alone will help to mobilise and strengthen your whole body.
  • GO BAREFOOT OUTSIDE ON NATURAL TERRAIN  – having the soles of your feet make contact with the earth recharges the body with negatively charged free electrons. This is essentially earth energy which is crucial to the health of every cell in our body!
  • ALTERNATE YOUR SHOES  – so your feet don’t get stuck in the same mould day in day out
  • SOAK YOUR FEET IN MAGNESIUM/EPSOM SALTS  – 100% natural muscle relaxant that also takes the acidity out of the body helping you feel way more chilled out, can also help with headaches, respiratory disorders, sluggish digestion and joint pain.
  • MASSAGE YOUR FEET  – with a tennis ball, or spiky massage ball, or with your own hands! Get to know your body and help it yourself! Doing this stimulates all sorts of important pressure points that respond to different parts of the body including organs, bones, muscles, nerves and so on. This is a key tenant of reflexology.

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