The Tasha Be movement practise is my primary tool for helping myself and my clients better organise our physical bodies in order to find balance and clarity within every aspect of our lives. When you’re working physically on your body there is no way you are not also affecting other aspects of your life. ForContinue reading “BRIDGING YOUR PRESENT STATE WITH YOUR DESIRED STATE”

Recipe: VEGETABLE FRITTATA (grain & gluten free, paleo)

This is one of my staple meals and is super versatile – great for dinner, and equally good as leftovers for breakfast or lunch. Despite being quick and easy, it is a nutritious, filling and fully balanced meal. Packed with nutrient dense, antioxidant vegetables, connective-tissue-strengthening protein and brain feeding fats (eggs and coconut oil), this dish willContinue reading “Recipe: VEGETABLE FRITTATA (grain & gluten free, paleo)”


  Those of us with food allergies know all too well the side effects from accidentally consuming foods that don’t agree with us. Despite loathing the instant painful feedback my stomach gives me after consuming something that does not agree with me, I am grateful as many other symptoms people experience require a bit more awarenessContinue reading “WHAT TO DO IF YOU GET GLUTEN-ED”


Our immune system is housed in our gut, and is made up of trillions of different types of bacteria. It’s important to remember that all disease begins in the gut – be it dermatitis, hay fever, Alzheimer’s or ADD. When these bacterias are in balance we are at optimum health. Poor diet, exercise and sleep habits, high stressContinue reading “BEAT HAY FEVER & ALLERGIES”

ROAST SALMON & VEG (grain, gluten & dairy free, paleo)

This is one of my weekly go-to meals because it is so delicious, simple and quick. It is low in starches and carbs (sugars), so is great if you’re wanting to cleanse and energise your system without starving yourself or turning to short-lived things like juice fasts (which only serve to slow your metabolism and upset yourContinue reading “ROAST SALMON & VEG (grain, gluten & dairy free, paleo)”


Anything that makes contact with our skin ends up inside our body, and everything that goes into our body has to be processed and expelled. Manmade chemicals are foreign to the human body and thus require huge amounts of energy to deal with. Because our immune system is expending energy getting rid of these chemicals to protect our vitalContinue reading “CLEAN UP YOUR HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS”

DRESS AND FLAVOUR UP YOUR GREENS (gluten, grain & dairy free)

I am a massive advocate of making your diet primarily plant-based – by which I mean loads of vegetables not loads of grains. Often times, eating good quality animal products and fats are necessary as a way to help heal and rebuild your system, but once healed a diet heavy on veges is hugely health enhancing.Continue reading “DRESS AND FLAVOUR UP YOUR GREENS (gluten, grain & dairy free)”


Live The Process, recently published my most personal writing to date, ‘Unravelling The Layers’. Live The Process inspired me to share some of the details of my own personal health journey when I was captivated by the stories their writers shared; I experienced first hand how powerful their honest tellings were in educating, and buildingContinue reading “UNRAVELLING THE LAYERS”


Choosing the right type of candle is yet another way to help clean up in your home, your health and the environment. Candles can be a huge source of indoor pollution and thus another totally unnecessary toxic product around the average home. WHAT’S WRONG?: Most candles are made from paraffin wax (a white or colorless soft solid derivable from petroleum, coal or oil shale).Continue reading “THE IMPORTANCE OF CHOOSING NATURAL CANDLES”