Choosing the right type of candle is yet another way to help clean up in your home, your health and the environment. Candles can be a huge source of indoor pollution and thus another totally unnecessary toxic product around the average home.


Most candles are made from paraffin wax (a white or colorless soft solid derivable from petroleum, coal or oil shale). When heated, this wax creates carcinogens (benzene and toluene) similar to those fumes that diesel cars emit. Wicks often contain lead (America is the only country with regulations against the use of lead), and the dyes used to colour the candles can also be chemically derived, adding to the cocktail of fumes entering your home (and body).

These toxins, heavy metals and chemicals are incredibly harmful to our health and our environment. They produce toxic petrol-carbon soot, which can blacken walls, furniture and ceilings, so you can only imagine what they might do to your health – breathing issues, allergies, hormone disruption, behavioural problems, learning difficulties and numerous other health problems.

So if you don’t fancy inhaling all of this inside your home when you light your lovely scented candles, then follow these tips below:


  • Candles should be made with 100% natural ingredients (ingredients you can pronounce and recognise). Ideally their ingredients are sourced from sustainable and renewable annual crops from long-established farms. This way you know you are supporting not only the health of the planet, but also those hard working humans who are doing their best to keep things green.
  • Candles should be made from soy (GM free) or bees wax (ethically sourced) – these also have a much longer burning time than petroleum candles
  • Candles should be scented with natural essential oils – these are health enhancing and a beautiful way to cleanse and bring a lovely feel to your home. Choose lavender for calming, citrus for uplifting, rose for comfort.
  • Candles should state they are petroleum and chemical free. Wicks should be made from natural products such as cotton, paper or hemp.
  • Natural candles are more expensive but for obvious but very good reasons – natural ingredients are more expensive to source, require more attention and time due to their temperamental nature and are often produced by people paying fair wages and against testing on animals.

The Soy Candle Company is my favourite brand, they tick all the boxes and more! Their candles have divine mood enhancing scents, burn cleanly and last much longer than regular candles (you can even use the leftover scented wax as a moisturiser!). They are beautifully packaged and presented too so look gorgeous in your home or make a perfect gift!

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