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Live The Process, recently published my most personal writing to date, ‘Unravelling The Layers’.

Live The Process inspired me to share some of the details of my own personal health journey when I was captivated by the stories their writers shared; I experienced first hand how powerful their honest tellings were in educating, and building trust and connection. It is a rich, beautifully intentioned place to immerse yourself in, so do venture over.

In the article, I share a snippet of my process, and of how I learned to heed the “whispers” of my body. I explain that through my own research, self study and with the help of various alternative therapists I have healed my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and overcome the myriad of symptoms that go along with this hormonal disorder. I also share that, despite the natural on-going nature of my journey, I have been buoyed by the incredible shifts that have taken place physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Oh and as an aside – I still very much idolise my beautiful sister and want to follow her everywhere, and I would absolutely tolerate a rollocking from my old ballet mistress just to take one more class with her! I am grateful for every opportunity, as I believe there is something to learn from everyone and everything.

Read my full article here.


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