We have all created narratives throughout our lives that keep us locked into unhealthy thought patterns. Even though these stories make us feel fearful, angry, sad or anxious, we love them because they feel like home: they’re comfortable, familiar & predictable.

One of the stories I love to run is that life = worry. I pick through my day to find something to hyper focus on and build into a worry story. This story is great at keeping me occupied and stopping me from venturing out of my comfort zone. Another common story people love, is to find ways of blaming other people for the misfortunes in their own lives. As long as they can blame others they’ll never have to look at their own part in the story and change their ways. There are many, many stories we tell ourselves…do you know yours?

Despite our stories having strong pathways (due to constant use!) it is totally possible to re-write them, I can vouch for this. The steps outlined below have been incredibly helpful in rewriting new nourishing stories.

1. AWARENESS – noticing when you are acting out of habit.
2. BREATHE – take a deep full breath in through your nose and a long slow sigh exhale through your mouth.
3. CHANGE YOUR POSTURE – move away from the hunched, heart protecting posture to mimic one of strength & confidence – lift your vision, stand tall, move with direction. Or, if you have a puffed out, armored rib cage hiding away your fear, then try softening a little, relax your eyes, jaw, throat, chest and move with ease.
4. WRITE A NEW STORY – get detailed about how you want to be feeling, what you want to be seeing, doing, saying, tasting, smelling…who you want to be there. The story will feel good, there will be zero fear, resentment etc. Repeat this story over and over until it’s the first file you pull from your brain!
And a bonus one: FORGIVE – forgive the person or people who may have played a role in the creation of your story…it may be yourself you need to forgive? And don’t forget this amazing quote: ‘When you forgive it doesn’t mean you approve; it means you’re giving yourself permission to move on with your life’

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