No matter how busy you feel, please take time to watch this TEDx talk by Dr. Libby Weaver. Libby is Australasia’s leading nutritional biochemist and her approach to the health and well-being of the modern woman is beautifully and honestly pitched. Yes, it is true, the modern woman is undergoing a crisis which is wreaking havoc on her health and the relationships she has with her partner, friends, family and children. In my work I also see women who, despite being utterly spent, keep pushing forward.

“She” feels like she must be the dependable, resilient and fearless mother/partner/employee despite lacking in sleep and proper nourishment. She constantly feels like a failure with no self-control; she is never skinny enough, youthful enough, intelligent enough, fun enough; she is trying to be the pleaser and the support system for all but behind the scenes is falling apart… sound familiar?

This video is not only for women, but also for the men out there who may not be aware that this is going on, or for the men out there who are behaving in a very similar way. As Libby says: it is time for change. This way of living is not sustainable. It is time to get honest and allow our primal mechanisms more time to adjust to the demand of our modern day lifestyle and its expectations.


  1. Many thanks Tasha for this link. It is fantastic, and should be watched by ALL woman and those that they love. It reinforces my desire to change things in my life for the better, so that my husband and I can live life to the fullest for ourselves and those we care about. We have had our health scares, so know the value, and effort required to change. “Life is for Living” Kind Regards Pam xoxoxox

    1. How lovely to hear from you Pam. I’m so pleased Libby’s talk was able to consolidate what you have been feeling already. I admire your courage in facing these changes and hope your honesty and positive effort will help you align with what really matters and has you feeling your happiest authentic self xxx

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