BE at Buckleys Menu (Black)

I’m extremely excited to finally share the upcoming menu for a new adventure I’m embarking upon with one of my favourite London eateries, Mr. Buckley’s. Be At Buckley’s is a one-night, monthly dining event with a three-course menu that emphasizes the importance of eating seasonal, local and organic produce that is served in a modern and healthful manner.

Each month the menu will be curated by me, and masterfully prepared by Mr. Buckley’s head chef Daryll Wilson. Expect organic grass-fed meats, wild fish, organic vegetables, fresh salads and inventive desserts that are free from refined sugars, pasteurised dairy and grains. As I’m sure you all know, I’m extremely passionate about this healthful and healing way of eating, and have seen first-hand the amazingly positive effects it has had on myself and numerous clients.

If you suffer with food allergies, or often leave a meal out feeling bloated/wired/tired, or feel ratty the following day, then this night is a must (especially as I’ll also be leaving you with some Tasha/Be feel-better tips!). Of course for those already super fit, healthy and well, your bellies will simply love our nutrient dense, organic, local and seasonal fare! Please join in and share Be At Buckley’s so we can make this a permanent, monthly night out!

Bookings are now open for the inaugural event. There are limited spaces still available for our two-date launch April 15th and 22nd so book quick! Otherwise join us on the very first night that we welcome the public on Tuesday 6th May.

Bookings: Mr. Buckley’s 020 3664 0033

277 Hackney Rd, London E2 8NA, United Kingdom

Press Enquiries:

In keeping with the grain-free, pre-industrial or paleolithic influence of the Be At Buckley’s menu, I wanted to highlight an earlier post of mine on the benefits of this way of eating. Get the full scoop, and if you’re not already eating this way, try slowly incorporating aspects of it into your everyday diet: LET FOOD BE THY MEDICINE



  1. Wow Tash aren’t you amazing! This looks so wonderful, what a great venture.

    I wish I could be there.

    All the very best, I know it will fly high!

    Love always Abbey



  2. Wow! The menu looks fabulous! Wish I was in London!! I’m sure it will be a fantastic evening of gorgeous and nourishing food , as it should be!

  3. Hi Tash, I would love to come to this but can’t make the 15th and am away on the 22nd. How can I find out more about these in the future as would love to come to the next one? Hope the April ones go well! Rebecca. X

    1. Heya! So pleased you like the sound of it, we’re all really excited! We are having a relaxed friends and family tester eve April 8th – you’re more than welcome to ring up and book for that if you can make it? Otherwise we are looking for it to happen the first Tues of each month. I will post about it on this site and on social media (fb, twitter etc if you’re on there and want to follow?) xx

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