Music plays a huge role in my life and is undeniably an essential part of our individual and collective well-being – affecting our emotional, physical and mental health in constructive and valuable ways. Pythagorus, Plato and Aristotle all described music as curative and as bringing necessary harmony and resonance to the body. Sonic healing has of course been recorded in history through the noted music, rhythmic drumming and chanting of ancient cultures – the image of the cave person banging the drum really gleans deeper intelligence than is given credit. Today we know that the body is a fluid network – everything in the body, bones included are liquid – and we know that liquid is the most efficient transport system: sound literally vibrates the water within us –  stimulating, massaging, healing. So ‘tune in’ with what sounds and tracks feel good for you and enjoy! These are my latest picks, have a listen!


Combining futuristic production with sultry R&B vocals, this track by FKA Twigs is a beautifully layered slice of innovative contemporary pop music.  I especially love this video as the forms reflect so beautifully just how we should and can move. Liquid waves, spirals and pulsations that meld and morph without effort reflect the fluid language of the planet and of ourselves.


Like FKA Twigs. Kelela juxtaposes soulful vocals with left field electronica to stunning effect on this track Bank Head.

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