Recipe: TOMATO DRESSING / DIP / SAUCE (gluten, grain & dairy-free)



5 medium sized tomatoes (or the equivalent in cherry tomatoes)

1  handful of sun-dried tomatoes

5 anchovies / dash of good quality fish sauce

1 bunch of fresh coriander

1 small clove of garlic (optional)

squeeze of lemon / splash of apple cider vinegar

black or cayenne pepper


Place all ingredients in a jug and use a hand blender until all is liquid! Serve and enjoy as any of the options below!

  • Pour over salad as a dressing
  • Add a couple of cucumbers to the mix to make a summery Gazpacho soup
  • Add your desired amount to roast sweet potato and blend together for a yummy dip with carrot and cucumber sticks
  • Soak grated carrots, sliced avocado and sprouts in the mix then roll up in Nori / seaweed wraps

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