Recipe: GINGER COOKIES (vegan, gluten, grain & dairy free)

Ingredients (makes about 10 small cookies):

4 TBSP coconut oil or butter
2 TBSP raw honey/maple syrup/date syrup
1 c almond flour OR macadamia flour OR 1/2 c desiccated coconut & 3 TBSP coconut flour
1-2 TBSP fresh ground or powdered ginger
1 tsp baking soda


Melt the coconut oil and raw honey/maple syrup together on the stove, add a dash of water and wait for it to slightly thicken. Let it cool a bit

Add the remaining ingredients and mix together

Roll into balls then squash flat with fork

Bake on 165 C for about 10 mins until golden. Leave to cool, then keep in the fridge – these get better by the day!

The wonders of ginger!

  • thins the blood so can help with tension headaches and menstrual cramping
  • assists blood sugar imbalances so can help with diabetes and sugar cravings
  • immune booster and powerful antioxidant so great to ward off the common cold and clean out your system


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