Recipe: FIGS FOR PUDDING! (vegan, gluten, dairy & grain-free)

Get back to natural sweetness with these yummy fig based desserts / accompaniments. Remember how much better fruit is as a sweet treat over addictive processed sugar! As low in natural sugar as strawberries and with all those tiny seeds figs are an excellent source of fibre – a much better go to than any grainContinue reading “Recipe: FIGS FOR PUDDING! (vegan, gluten, dairy & grain-free)”


Fermented foods are all the rage again and rightly so! Different cultures around the world have been participating in this artisanal craft for thousands of years – it is a way of eating that our systems are very familiar with and serves them beautifully. Thank goodness we are harking back to sauerkraut, raw dairy, kombuchaContinue reading “THE BEAUTY OF FERMENTED FOODS”


If there was only one dietary change I would encourage everyone to make it would absolutely be to stop consuming sugar! Loved by all ages and races the world over, sugar is the most widely consumed and addictive drug on the planet. I’m not being dramatic – it is a well known fact! However, just likeContinue reading “SUGAR: IT’S NOT SWEET”